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Wow, it's been forever since I have been on this site, and I own it! What happened? Was our close-knit clan DEATHBALL a little too close to even let anyone in? Or have we just become negligent in doing anything on this (or any other one for that matter) website?
I think we could do something about it. It might not work, but it's definitely worth a shot, seeing that as our website-based part of our clan has dispersed, so has the actual clan itself. We could probably increase the clan size, too, and a bigger clan has a longer lifetime.
My proposition is this:
  1. Reform. We need to get into contact with those that have drifted away. With a better, bigger core to start with, we could do more.
  2. Consider our enemies. If we try to eradicate every hacker we see, what is there to recruit? We need to fully define the difference between a hacker and a hacker hacker (a hacker who hacks hackers), and that would probably help greatly.
  3. Start over. Kind of. We need to give people an incentive to join, right? Well, let's do that. I say that we give a complimentary code those who wish to join the clan to start with. Then, as they get more involved (if they get more involved), we give them better codes, and try to accept them even further (not too far, though).
  4. Stay consistent. We've seen one great anti-hacking clan go down already, and that's Guardians of Fate, led by one of MPH's renowned hackers, Donyxz. His members lost interest with the clan and moved on to other things. I don't know exactly what the main cause was, but I bet it was that the code demand was too high, and Donyxz, even with his skill, wasn't able to keep up. I plan on buying an Action Replay Trainer Toolkit to help with this demand if this whole proposition goes through, and I think that would help greatly.
I believe that we can pull this off. We know the people that have become members on our site. There are hackers out there, and I've met them, that have the same mindset as us: Hack the hackers. All we need to do is be less judgmental and a little more open minded. Of course, seeing someone kill non-hackers with the Omega Cannon is illegitimate hacking. But I have teamed up with people to hack the hackers (those are interesting battles), and it forces me to acknowledge that we aren't the only hacker hackers out there.

This will take a lot of effort, but we can pull it off if we try hard enough. It will only cost time, but isn't it worth it?


Donyx and GAZ, please PM me about this after you read it.


So, due to the fact that my computer is basically dead, the Battlefield pages are no longer here. So, anyone that wishes to have them back, just let me know


I have noticed that one of our members, FLASHBANG, has made two new sites, one is DEATHBALL (FLASHBANG, you're killing me with the caps letters), and the other is RHYNO gaming, or something like that. As a friend of FLASHBANG, I would recommend a visit to both of them, and probably joining them, as more people on a site means greater traffic and more reasons to update.
Battlefield 2 is working on my computer now, so for a while I have NOT been obsessing over that lately. I have been playing Metroid Prime Hunters less and less, and I realize that as a manager of a mainly MP:H site, I must set my obsession on that instead. With luck, I will be more involved with the site and the people in it. Anyway, if there is a BF2 player on my site or there is one that happens to stroll by, please let me know, so that I can expand the already-being-expanded-Battlefield 2-forums.

We have a new member, Xile, and we welcome him to our site.

EDIT: Shortly after reading this, I found out that there have been a couple of updates to the site and I have failed to post them. <_>



Ok, it's been a while since I've done anything here, the last update was the Japanese character set that is underneath the chatbox on the MP:H chatroom page. Now that I finally have Wi-Fi access in my room, I'll now be able to do a lot more on this site, so come by and check things out every once in a while.

Bad news: GF. donyxz, the leader of the Guardians of Fate hacker clan has officially abandoned  Metroid, they are (or at least, he is) now playing a game called Phantasy Star Zero, some strategy sort of game, I don't know. Anyhow, I will contact donyxz and ask him for the codes that he abandoned, and see which of them I can post here.


Merry Christmas!!!!1!

Unohoo's game page

Welcome to my new webpage, I'm still working on it, so just be patient. I am working with a friend to build a modification page for the two Battlefield games (GenRommel, that's you), and with luck it will be open soon, so just wait for that, it's coming. I want to expand, so any help is welcome. I also really need people to help with the Action Replay code requests, as I am quite sure that I cannot do it on my own. FLASHBANG, if you stumble across this page, please help with the requests. I also need people to help with the credit to the AR codes, that will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for coming! If you want to request a chat, you have to let me know maybe two days or more in advance. Thats not because there are a million people I'm talking to, but because I'm on the computer at random times.

UPDATE: So now there are 5 people that have joined here, so the old home page is being put to use (Curse, Donyxz, thank you for joining). I have decided to BAN all codes that can kill you instantly (those that are already in game are ok, i.e., Imperialist headshot, Omega Cannon in Oubliette, etc...) from this website, any member posting them will get a warning and have their membership degraded in any way that I see fit, next is IP banning, so be careful as to what you post here.

Metroid prime: Hunters

Sorry for the delay on the Action Replay codes, whoever has happened to stumble across this page. The codes that I was going to post are stored on another computer that I dont have access to. I will post the codes I have on my AR, but they won't be that long, or useful.

  Ok, now I have the codes, most of the ones I have will be posted soon, but, just let it be known that I will NOT have any Infinite Omega Cannon codes, nor Deathalt codes, just to let everyone know. Those that post them, I will have their account removed.


Battlefield 2

Well, there's not much going on in this say on this subject exept that there is a Battlefield 2 modification page coming...